Set of 10 Large 16" (40cm) Rose Gold Eid Mubarak Foil Letter Balloons Eid Decoration Decor Gift Party Ideas

£9.49 £8.99

Rose Gold Eid Mubarak self sealing foil balloons.

Comes complete as a set of 10 for the 10 letters that make up 'Eid Mubarak, as well as a straw used to inflate the balloons and the hanging string which is simply threaded through the top of each letter.

Please note: These Eid Mubarak balloons do not require helium, you simply inflate using the provided straw by carefully placing the straw into the balloon and blowing into it. It is a very straight forward process, please see below link for a video demonstration of how it is done:

🎈How to inflate letter balloons by Gala Supplies | How to deflate letter balloons using a straw..

In this video we will be showing you how to inflate our 16" letter balloons with a straw. No helium needed or air-pump. You can get your custom phrase here: ...

We have different coloured Eid Mubarak balloons available. Please checkout the rest of the Eid collection


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