34 Piece Gold Eid Mubarak Foil Letter Balloons Eid Decoration Decor Gift Party Ideas

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Gold Eid Mubarak self sealing foil balloons.

34 Piece as shown in pictures. 

The letters and stars are approx 16 inch when inflated. The moon is 30inch and the round balloons are approx 12inch. 

Includes a straw used to inflate the balloons and the hanging string which is simply threaded through the top of each letter.

Please note: These Eid Mubarak balloons do not require helium, you simply inflate using the provided straw by carefully placing the straw into the balloon and blowing into it. It is a very straight forward process, please see below link for a video demonstration of how it is done:

🎈How to inflate letter balloons by Gala Supplies | How to deflate letter balloons using a straw..

In this video we will be showing you how to inflate our 16" letter balloons with a straw. No helium needed or air-pump. You can get your custom phrase here: ...

We have different coloured Eid Mubarak balloons available. Please checkout the rest of the Eid collection


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