How To Use Islamic Prayer Beads?

How To Use Islamic Prayer Beads?

Islamic prayer beads or Tasbih beads as they are more commonly known as are one of the most popular accessories you will find in a Muslim household. Some many wonder why they are so commonly used?, what is the wisdom behind and them? and how do you use them? Well sit back and read on because we will be filling you in with all the details. 

The use of prayer beads for religious purposes is not exclusive to Islam. In fact prayer beads were being used before the spread of Islam in the 7th century. It is said that the use of prayer beads became widespread among Muslims around 6 centuries ago.

The purpose of Islamic prayer beads ( Tasbih Beads ) is to help keep count of the number of times a particular religious word or sentance is said. Most commonly this is straight after the 5 daily prayers to repeat the words Subhanallah (33 times), Alhamdulillah (33 times) and Allahuakbar (34 times). The practice of saying these words and its virtues traces back from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who perscribed the practice to his beloved daughter Fatima (May Allah be pleased with her). Ofcourse prayer beads are not required to perform this action. Traditionally one would use the fingers and lines on the inner side of the finders to assist in the counting but prayer beads are seen as a means to make this matter easier. 

Islamic prayer beads can be found made from many different materials. From the cheaper plastic options to the more expensive stone and even made from animal bones. Recently there has been a growing trend of gifting Islamic prayer beads and Tasbih beads in particular as Ramadan Gifts and Eid Gifts. In fact they even are becoming very popular as part of Nikkah gift hampers to keep the newly wed couples busy with the dhikr of Allah. 

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